Why Every Beauty Girl Trusts Her Hair to Phytomillesime

Hi lovelies,

Summer is the time to lighten up! That’s why I recently lightened up my signature dark locks and opted for a refreshed and updated look by going blonde with a stylish ombré hairstyle, and I have to admit, going lighter never felt so good!

Luckily for me, there’s the new innovative and break-through PHYTOMILLESIME collection to keep my new blonde locks looking fresh and healthy all summer long.

The new collection, launched by the iconic haircare line, Phyto, features four cutting-edge and 100% plant-based ingredients that trap color in its place to protect your color-treated locks from fading and discoloration. The new collection also strengthens and enhances your new hair color.

Get the full beauty scoop below!


Color Locker Pre-Shampoo:
Designed for color-treated and highlighted hair. With its unique gel-in-oil texture, this innovative pre- shampoo restores the hairs protective shield before shampoo and prevents color from washing out. Its specific active ingredient, the Color Locker Complex, locks in color at the heart of the hair fiber. 

Color-Enhancing Shampoo:
This shampoos sulfate-free delicate foam cleanses the scalp and hair while protecting against color fading. The Edelweiss Flower acts as a powerful antioxidant while soothing the scalp and softening the hair. 

Color-Enhancing Mask:
Designed for color-treated and highlighted hair. Enriched with Argan butter, this color-enhancing mask nourishes and restores the integrity of the hair fiber that is weakened by coloring. With its color-enhancing action, it prolongs color intensity and magnifies its shine. 

Color Protecting Mist:
The Color protecting mist is the perfect mist when styling and touch-up styling for color-treated and highlighted hair. It protects and locks the hair color, boosts shine and adds frizz-free texture and style to the hair in a single gesture. 

The Polymer Shield forms a protective film on the surface of hair and preserves the hydration of the fiber, preventing the loss of pigments. The Sunflower Extract acts a natural photoprotector shield by neutralizing free radicals generated by UVA and UVB rays and provides a maintaining of the barrier function of the cuticle.

*Product descriptions courtesy of Phyto.com

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