Why Every Beauty Girl Is Talking About OGX Styler

Hi lovelies,

OGX® Styler launched on Thursday, January 18th, at Petit Mason on Melrose Ave., taking the hair and beauty community by storm, they are bringing salon quality products home. The award-winning hair care collection just debuted its premiere styling line with salon inspired products for every hair style, type, texture, vibe, and look, thus, taking everyday hair care to the next level.

You can mix-and-match the innovation hair products or stay true to a specific hair regimen. Check out the full collection below and why every beauty girl, and the everyday girl, has fallen in love with the new collection!

What’s even better is that OGX Styling Products are available for $8.99 each at Ulta, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart and other major retailers.


Bodifying + Bamboo Fiber Full

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Why You Love it? Because big, fat, gigantic hair is always sexy and always in style. Each OGX full-uptuous, fiber full styler is infused with carefully chosen extracts to help enhance fullness and help your mane reach new heights!

Bodifying + Bamboo Fiber Full Sugar Cane Sugar High Tousle Spray - gives you that loose, lived in look (because salt sprays dry out your hair anyway). Infused with bamboo fibers, it gives a super-full look.

Bodifying + Bamboo Fiber Full Root Boosting Spray Mousse- is part hairspray, part mouse for ultimate multitasking. Infused with plant collagen, and bamboo fibers, it gives hair hold and fullness.

Bodifying + Bamboo Fiber Full Big Hair Spray - infused with plant collagen and bamboo fibers won’t let your strands down. Infused with bamboo fibers to create a full look.

Bodifying + Bamboo Fiber Full Body Boost Dry Shampoo - infused with plant fibers and plant collagen this powder spray has a soft finish and long-lasting fullness. Infused with bamboo fibers to create a grip for hair to be stylized.

Texture Collection

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Why You Love It? The Texture range is modern and unlike any boring salt spray you’ve seen before. Discover how exotic ingredients such as beeswax, honey, clay and fibers come together to help piece, hold, stick and separate strands…the way nature intended.

Flexible + Beeswax Texture Spray Wax - infused with beeswax and sandalwood it adds texture with a flexible hold for the art of manipulation.

Matte Finish + Bamboo Fiber Texture Flexible Fiber Wax - infused with bamboo fibers, aspen bark extract, it holds soft with a matte finish to sculpt and resculpt hair with pliable, all day hold.

Natural Finish + Aspen Extract Texture Molding Paste - infused with aspen bark extract and sandalwood, it holds soft with a semi-matte, natural finish for definition and texture to structured looks.

Extra Strength + Honey Hold

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Why You Love It? Extra Strength Honey Hold range is the most universally beneficial family of products. All hair types can use these for extreme hold, with each product infused with honey and other carefully chosen extracts. This blend locks out frizz and humidity while smelling decadent!

Extra Strength + Honey Hold Mega Hairspray - we FINALLY got our hands on amber extract which is all the rage in professional hairsprays. Also, infused with honey, this blend has superior hold and sprays on dry.

Extra Strength + Honey Hold Mega Glue - you guessed it…super-duper strong, not messing around paste that is infused with amber extract and honey for hair that won’t budge– rain, wind, or shine.

Protecting + Silk Blowout

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Why You Love It? The silk blowout range is uniquely formulated with soft, silky and heat-protecting ingredients so you can achieve a quick blowout without damaging hair. Locks will be beautiful, shiny and soft with every use.

Protecting + Silk Blowout Thermal Primer Cream - infused with silk extract and quinoa, put on wet hair and be amazed at its ability to help make even the most stubborn strands blow dry to silky, soft perfection.

Protecting + Silk Blowout Quick Drying Thermal Spray - infused with silk extract and quinoa this spray will speed blow dry time (yay!) and protect hair against heat damage up to 450 degrees.

Protecting + Silk Blowout Blow Dry Extend Dry Shampoo - the combination of rose powder and silk extracts infused in this blend makes us swoon and extends the life of your blowout. Use this one on clean hair or a day old blowout to keep hair fresh an extra day or two.

Smoothing + Shea Sleek

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Why You Love It? Smell these once and you’ll never use another. Plus, they are infused with carefully selected ingredients to give you the sleekest, chic-est strands ever.

Smoothing + Shea Sleek Smooth Style Spray - because you really need to be protecting your strands from hot tools and this one does the job. Infused with shea butter and marula oil it sleek-ens and chic-ens your lovely locks.

Smoothing + Shea Humidity Blocking Hairspray - infused with shea butter and marula oil this blend calms frizz and ensures your styles last, even in the heat.

Locking + Coconut Curls

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Why You Love It? These stylers help BOOST curls without the crunchy-ness. Big piles of soft, touchable, decadent bouncy curls can be yours…the envy of all.

Locking + Coconut Curls Decadent Creamy Mousse – this is PART MOUSSE and PART CREAM. It’s just amazing. You know instantly when you dispense this miracle cream foam into your hand that you are about to have an amazing hair day (you’re welcome). But we can’t take all the credit, shea butter and coconut oil ingredients help create the amazing softness and bouncy curls.

Locking + Coconut Curls Finishing Mist - infused with coconut oil and jasmine nectar for touch-ups, sprits-ups or before using a diffuser, it helps tendrils stay twisted, bouncy and most important, frizz-free.

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