New York State of Mind on the streets of LA

Hi lovelies,

I've officially been in LA for 4 months and much to my surprise, it's starting to feel like home. I never thought that I would ever get over missing the intoxicating energy of New York City, but LA has been able to hold its own. 

I've met some really cool fashion bloggers to hit up the parties with and other writers and actors to bond with over the highs and lows of the Hollywood grind. West Hollywood has been my haven, much like the streets of Chelsea and Williamsburg were. 

The pace in LA is much slower than NYC, but somehow I find that the stakes are much higher here. The consequences are substantial and the opportunities are endless, with a constant sense of urgency. Am I going to run into Spielberg at Starbucks? Better put on my Sunday's best to pick up my mocha peppermint latte.

I still wear black and eyeliner. Although I'm wearing less eyeliner these days and opting for a bold brow with sun-kissed cheeks. It was surprisingly cool enough these past few days to make hot chocolate and actually even its warmth. That was the best of both worlds. There's nothing like a crisp Fall night in New York City, when you're wrapped-up in an oversized sweater, leggings, and leg warmers, laughing over a glass of Merlot with your best friend.