Unreal Fur: Wear your own skin. Go Faux.

I’m all about the ethical treatment of animals, but don’t get me wrong, I would still rock an awesome chinchilla or minx (shh, don’t tell PETA) but vintage of course. However, when I want the hottest and most current styles in fashion and fur, my go-to is Unreal Fur. An awesome fashion line that launched on the scene in 2012 from Australia and made its UK debut during this year’s Autumn/Winter fashion season.

Based on their ethics but rooted in fashion, the Unreal designers have a diverse background and bring a unique twist on cruelty-free faux fur pieces. The quality is so spot on everyone will be wondering, real or fake?

According to Unreal Fur, what’s in this season is sashay and sway in the ‘Furry Floss’ boxy jacket and you can even pair it down and layer up with a ‘Vest’ style jacket. The ‘Orient’ jacket is perfect to make a statement while out on the town and for a festive party with the holiday season right around the corner.

My editor’s pick is the Wonderlust Coat. It’s so fabulous that everyone will be wondering what are you wearing underneath? And it’s so stylish that even Kim K. and the Olsen twins with be jealous.

You can find Unreal Fur either on their site, on ASOS, and on My Wardrobe.