Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYC Ahead of Tech Curve with Reel Code Media

This story first appeared in Truth is Cool here.

During the hustle and bustle that is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, I had the pleasure of being invited to speak with Isaac Daniel, CEO of Reel Code Media and official sponsor of Fashion Week. When the lovely PR media maven, Christina Daigneault of Orchard Strategies, escorted me to their lounge I was greeted by a boisterous Isaac and I knew I was in for a fashion meets tech treat.


The technology and inspiration behind the Reel Code Media app speaks for itself – see below:
“Designers in the biggest fashion event of the year are integrating REEL CODE MEDIA’s new interactive app in the official event program as a sure way to boost business and enhance the fashion experience for fans. After downloading the REEL CODE MEDIA app, users can scan a patterned square “patch” for full and immediate access to behind-the-scenes footage, fashion event locations across the city, and the chance to win a couture dress by designer Malan Breton. The “patch” works on clothing tags, brochures, programs, billboard ads, and even equipment.

This brand-new app allows marketing teams to integrate videos, turn ads into points of sale, embed games and competitions, build customer data, capitalize on media buzz, manage customer relationships, eliminate obsolete news and media, and create buzz with up-to-the-minute broadcasts and news. REEL CODE MEDIA is an interactive augmented reality app that allows users to access four channels of multimedia content. Utilizing a mobile device, users simply scan a REEL CODE image then interact with their touchscreens to access the embedded content in each corner, which could include a video, web store, product information, store location, coupon, and promotions.”
(Courtesy of their press release)

Sounds pretty groovy right? Other insights from Isaac included that the future of technology is all about mobility and instant access to multiple streams and forms of content – and fashion is the ideal medium to bring that content to life.

I asked Isaac, who is also a scientist with over 300 patents and is the creator of a GPS sneaker, true story, any advice he had for budding creative professionals, inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs – he smiled with a big toothy grin and said, “Believe. Believe in yourself and what you want to accomplish and don’t give up. After all we live in America, the land of opportunity and success begets success.”

So don’t stop believing and get your all access pass to Fashion Week with Reel Code Media app. Download the REEL CODE app from Google Play (for Android) and the App Store (for Apple).