Candy's Scoop of the Week: This is The End, HelloGiggles, St. Anselm, TTYLTEALA Teala Dunn, G Fella, and James Franco

Hey guys,

Wanted to share with you all my picks of the week. If you want to be featured or have a tip/suggestion of what should make my Scoop of the Week round-up, please email:!


Must-see movie of the week: This is the End with Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Jonah Hill
Not only is James Franco the perfect summer eye-candy (who happens to be extremely intelligent, remember those classes he took at NYU for fun?) Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill are as humorous and approachable as ever. If I had to endure the Apocalypse with anyone, it'd be with these guys!


Must-view site of the week: HelloGiggles (visit the site here.)
These girls (Sophia, Molly, Zooey, and the crew) are definitely after my own heart! They bring the snark, wit, and sarcasm with a fashion and entertainment twist! Reason why they are the coolest site around town? I love how they post and promote video, articles, and other cool content from their readers.


Must-eat restaurant of the week:
St. Anselm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Their signature meal is their steak. It's the best I've had in New York and is super reasonably priced. Pair with one of their red wines, mashed potatoes, and spinach for a to die for meal in one of the coolest neighborhoods in New York.

Must-watch TV Show: G Thing on FUSE
Watch the commercial for the upcoming show "G Thing" airing Wednesday, July 24th at 11:30pm/10:30pm CST on the FUSE Network! This Italian Stallion opens his own record label to make it in the hip hop world...


Must-watch YouTube Channel: TTYLTEALA
How freakin' adorable is Teala Dunn from TBS' "Are we there yet?" and Disney's "Shake it Up?" I love her fashion and haul videos. She also re-enacts music videos and hosting cool tutorials videos. Kind of makes me want to be 16 again!


Must-donate IndieGogo: Palo Alto stories by James Franco
I know, two shout outs to James Franco this week - but can you really blame me? How cool would it be to see his short stories based on his high school experiences turned into three different films? See below for more info and donate here!

"As some of you may already know, acting, creating art, writing, reading, and directing films are all vital components in my life.   In June 2011, I had the opportunity to publish my first book, Palo Alto. The book is a compilation of short fictional stories inspired by high school experiences and growing up in Palo Alto, California.  For this project, I have invited the talented up and coming filmmakers Nina Ljeti, Vladimir Bourdeau, Bruce Thierry Cheung, and Gabrielle Demeestere to adapt and direct some of my short stories into three different feature films: Memoria, Killing Animals, and Yosemite."