Stacy Keibler Gets in Shape for The Oscars with Zaggora

I actually wear these while I work-out! So I know they work!


Ever wonder how celebrities’ bodies look so perfect on the red carpet at awards shows? Even the sveltest of stars do a little extra work to look picture-perfect. 

To prep for her big walk down the red carpet with George Clooney at The Oscars this weekend, Stacy has been kicking her workout routine up a notch in order to maximize results and look her best in her gown.

Stacy was recently spotted in LA heading for a workout wearing the much buzzed-about Zaggora HotPants.

Developed with a breakthrough fabric technology that harnesses the body’s natural heat in order to boost its temperature during activity – which in turn helps to increase the amount of calories you burn – HotPants have revolutionized the workout regimens of women everywhere. In fact, research shows that women who wear HotPants for at least 30 minutes during exercise experience calorie burn that is an average of 11% greater compared to when they wore traditional workout attire.

Stacy is the latest to join the increasing roster of celebrity Zaggora fans, with others including Kristin Cavallari and Denise Richards. Not only a favorite among celebrities, Zaggora has been sweeping across the nation as women everywhere are getting “hot” to get fit. Zaggora HotPants have appeared on E! and most recently, Nightline and Good Morning America just this month:

Pricing: HotPants Short ($72), HotPants Long ($88), HotPants Capri ($104)

Where to buy:
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