Diary of an actress #21: Wildfox Fashion Presentation with Vanessa Hudgens, Ashlee Simpson, and Victoria Justice

Fashion Week in New York City has officially kicked-off and as I braved the cold winds and slight chance of snow to meet my fellow fashionista Kosi (fashion PR maven and blogger) I felt a twinge of delighted excitement in my belly as I walked into the venue, Capitale, that only being in New York can bring on or perhaps it was the yummy free cocktails. My drink of choice was vodka, cranberry, with frozen gooseberries of course.

Once the Wildfox Fashion Presentation began, with the leggy models  dressed in pearls and sequins, dancing against high banisters to Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" I knew it wasn't the cocktails. The music, models, and mostly the clothing inspired a sense of "old New York" - very cheeky and an homage to the carefree spirit of the roaring 20's. The perfect way to start the frenzy of fashion week - with a bang.

My favorite pieces was the t-shirt with the word, "Daisy" scribbled on it, the long off-white sequiend skirt, the Wildfox Potion #9 t-shirts, the bat-inspired top, and the skeleton top. Favorite line? "How bad can a good girl get?"

The red carpet was also all a buzz with Vanessa Hudgens, her boyfriend and actor Austin Butler. Both Ashlee Simpson and Victoria Justice also graced the carpet and cameras.

Missed the show? Watch the video below to see the models getting down in Wildfox's Fall 2013 Collection.

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