Diary of an actress #12: Q&A with "Raising Hope" actor Martha Plimpton - What I learned

One of the perks of being a member of SAG-AFTRA is getting to watch funny promos featuring Alec Baldwin and the other perks include a wonderful Conversations series with screenings and Q&A's with established actors that SAG-AFTRA provides its members.

I had the privilege of attending last night's event with Martha Plimpton from "Raising Hope".

What I learned:
  • You should have no fear when you walk into the audition room - they usually know who they want even before you open your mouth
  • Be off-book during your auditions and that will eliminate anxiety
  • You must be open, willing, and positive in order to grow as a person as a well an actor
  • The only rule in acting is commit
  •  Make your priority being able to have the option to keep acting rather than fame, wealth, or success
  • Take you yourself seriously as an actress - that will free you to be able to not take yourself too seriously in the long run
  • Advice is useless, direction is powerful
  • You never get to where you are going, they are only points of disembarkation - learn that you never 'arrive' and that will give you the freedom to explore
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