Diary of an actress #8: Press preview for designer Laura Vela

I had the pleasure of being invited to preview designer, Laura Vela's, new Fall 2012 handbag collection. I interviewed the designer a few months back, in case you missed it, read the full article here. I adore her clutches and perfect use of fringe. See below for pics and some fashion insights on her latest line.

Insider tip? Laura Vela's entire collection was inspired by her trip to Barcelona. 

Don't forget to shop here: http://www.lauravela.com/

 Soft gold and silver metallics can make any outfit sparkle.

 The adorable designer herself! I really love the use of animal prints mixed with teal, orange, and brown leather. Laura effortlessly takes trends and really makes them her own. This collection is definitely her voice.

 Flip the bag over for a design surprise! Exposed zippers and thick leather strips. Wear front or back for a diversified look.

 The hottest trend this season is color blocking. I know it's hard to pull off this trend, so the best way to do it is to incorporate pops of color into your wardrobe through accessories. My fav? Laura Vela's magenta hangbag pictured above.

 It's hard to do fringe right, but she executes it flawlessly! She has incorporated mixed fabrications, colors, and textures, for a not-be-missed Fall collection.

The moral of this story?

Whether it's acting or fashion, find ways to connect with talented, interesting, and unique people. Laure Vela is so inspiring, down-to-earth, and is an amazing designer. 

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