Mila Kunis: Get her look from Harper's Bazaar

Mila Kunis covers the April 2012 issue of “Harper's Bazaar” magazine!
Steal the LOOK, Courtesy of Celebrity Hairstylist Sura Radcliffe of Byu-Ti Salon

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“I have always thought that Mila Kunis is one of the prettiest starlets in Hollywood” says Sura. Here's how to get her look.

Mila seemingly has a ton of hair. If you feel like your hair is not as abundant, you should speak to your stylist about the options of extensions or hair pills, such as
Her hair color is so rich and shiny you may want to speak to your stylist about a Shades EQ Gloss as well.

Begin with clean dry hair. You will need a large barrel curling iron, 1 1/4 - 1 1/2" and duckbill hair clips. Start with the hair at the nape. Taking 2" sections gently spray with Pureology Strengthening Control hair spray and wind the hair around the curling iron. While you wind the hair, twist it as well. This doesn't have to be perfect or exact. The variation that will come helps to give the hair and entire look a more organic and sophisticated feel. Secure the curl with a clip and continue until the entire head is done. When you get to the front section the barrel of the curling iron should be placed on the top of the hair and wound away from the face.

Remove the clips in the same order you set the hair in. As you remove the clips spray lightly with Pureology Radiance Amplifier. Once all of the hair is down you can do one of two things, leave the curls as they are or break them up by using your fingers to rake through your hair gently. Finish by spraying with Pureology Strengthening Control.