Former Plus Size Model Shakes Up the Industry with "Healthy is the New Skinny" Campaign using "Natural Sizes"

Came across this and thought I would share - awesome message.
In light of the shameful H&M ad campaign using digitally created model bodies (, I'd like to bring to your attention the efforts of Katie Halchishick, a former plus size model, who's  Healthy is the New Skinny campaign works to combat the harm these industry ideals cause with an informative multi-media school assembly program that sheds light on body image issues that are plaguing young teenage women around the country. 

Katie, once a plus size model signed to FORD, often maintained an unhealthy high weight to insure a successful, lucrative career. At times she was even forced to wear fat suits if her weight fluctuated under the plus size industry standard. When Katie made the personal choice to embrace a healthier, more natural weight, she soon discovered there was no market for natural looking models who were sized between 4 and 10. She decided immediately to change that. Thus Katie began Natural Model Management, an LA based modeling agency that champions using models with healthy physiques in the unrepresented "middle range" of sizes.  At Natural Model Management, Katie works with the young models to embrace healthy body images for their individual body shape; never pushing for extremes, but instead supporting and nurturing each models goals. 

Katie has started a powerful movement that includes efforts like the Healthy is the New Skinny website. An online haven for nurturing healthy mindsets, the HNS website includes posts, videos, and interactive message boards that focus on a more "natural" look at the fashion industry.  From this campaign, branched the PUP (perfectly UnPerfected) Program ( with Dr. Hugo Schwyzer, a powerful multi-media workshop designed to transform how middle school and high school students think and feel about their bodies while stressing the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.  Currently, the team is gearing up for a tour of Seattle and Los Angeles based schools in February and early spring, respectfully.