Amazing interview with my stylist friend, Christa Scherck of Celebrity StylePublicity

Hey guys, see below for an awesome interview my friend Christa Scherck of Celebrity StylePublicity did with ShoesTV. Read the article on their site here. Let me know your thoughts. xxx Candy

The shoes you put on your feet have a habit of speaking loudly and clearly in a language that anyone and everyone can understand. But have you ever thought about what exact message your shoes are sending about you?

We think about it. In fact, we think about it every day (It’s kinda our job). And it’s celebrity stylist Christa Scherck’s job to think about the messages that her clients shoes are sending, too. So we thought we’d get Scherck’s point of view on a cross-selection of shoes from the ShoesTV vault. Listen closely.

 The Belinda from Tory Burch
It looks like a great commuter shoe. The woman who wears these has a good job, she knows that these shoes are worth the investment. She’s focused on her career. She has some stability in her life.

 Quinn from DKNY
These look like a splurge! These are the shoes of a high-level executive who probably isn’t on her feet too much. A mature woman could wear these, maybe even a woman who’s into her 50s. She’s self-assured, creatively minded, and experienced. They look very artistic, and on the right women they could make a big statement.

Lavonne from Michael Antonio
It’s a sexually powerful shoe. It could work for the woman who wants to go out with her friends to the clubs and wear her little man-catching dress, but it could also work in a high-fashion sense. These shoes would look great with a minimalist color-blocked dress—minimalist meaning no buttons. That’s how you can balance a shoe like this.

 Orsen from Mosssimo
"Sensible" is a good word. These are not the shoes of a girl who bends the rules or pushes boundaries. These shoes are very on-trend, and I can see these for a teenager or a soccer mom at the park.

Erin from Merona  
At first glance I did not like these shoes. I felt that these are for a woman who is insecure and doesn’t want to show her legs. Then I realized that a shoe like this would look great if you paired it with light pink socks and a cap-sleeve pencil dress. It could look very Prada or it could look very Anthropologie. The girl who chooses shoes like this is playful and she likes cute, happy things. She’s very romantic. And this is a very romantic, sensitive shoe.

Maylin from Ugg Australia
I want them! These are super stylish shoes. They make me think of a woman who's vacationing in Aspen. They can look great with skinny jeans or knit legging, and at the end of the day you can put on your cashmere robe and feel glamorous wearing them around the house. Anyone who wears these is going to feel luxurious.
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