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Welcome to my blog. I love sharing my adventures in travel, fashion, style, beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle.

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Packing... and what I'm thankful for list

I'm so stoked to pack tonight for North Carolina to visit one of my best friends for Thanksgiving - having a friendship that has succeeded two decades is definitely something to be grateful for!
Here's a list of some things for which I'm thankful...

1. My family and friends (Obvy)
2. Midsomer Murders (when I tire of Murder, She Wrote)
3. Ballet flats
4. Black tights
5. Love, Life, Happiness, and Joy
6. Oprah's Lifeclasses and Webcasts
7. Serendipitous moments
8. Getting the lessons out of life experiences
9. Sandwiches from Sunac (chicken teriyaki on a hero with lettuce, tomato, and Russian dressing to be exact)
10. Hope

Feel free to share your list! xxx Happy Thanksgiving week!

I'm obsessed with... The Ringer

Where to get your hair, make-up, and nails done for New Year's Eve!