Founder/CEO: Domenico Vacca 

Philosophy: By combining the best of Italian craftsmanship, superb fabrics, and an impeccable fit, the Domenico Vacca men’s and women’s collection are known as the “Ferrari of Clothing.” Featuring designs with a contemporary Italian cut, Domenico Vacca is one of the few designers to introduce Italian look and fit with handcrafted tailoring.

Concept/Mission: Offering the finest handmade ready-to-wear, custom made and couture apparel and accessories for men and women. Domenico Vacca features an exclusive boutique environment with highly personalized customer service.

Boutique Locations: New York City
Fifth Avenue Madison Avenue
781 Fifth Avenue 702 Madison Avenue
New York, NY New York, NY
(212) 759.6333 (212) 421.8902

Los Angeles Florida
Rodeo Drive Palm Beach
474 N. Rodeo Drive 313 ½ Worth Avenue
Beverly Hills, CA Palm Beach, FL
(310) 247.0325 (561) 655.7299

Qatar United Kingdom
Parcel One Harrods
The Pearl Qatar 109-125 Knightsbridge
Doha, Qatar Kensington, London
+(974) 495.3876 x1061 +(020) 7730 1234 

Description: Domenico Vacca’s innovative and luxurious high-end label offers its clientele an array of timeless and exceptionally chic pieces across three luxury lines. Based on the Italian philosophy of authentic sartorial craftsmanship and luxury, the brand’s objective is to bring true Italian style and fit to the United States and around the world. Using the finest fabrics and craftsmanship, the Domenico Vacca brand focuses on details — ensuring that each article of clothing is perfectly tailored and draped. With more than 250 master tailors and seamstresses to sew and construct his pieces in Naples, Italy, Domenico Vacca ensures that their customers are only offered the ultimate experience in luxury fashion.

Collections: Domenico Vacca offers three prestigious lines:

Domenico Vacca – As the brand’s main line, it is a 360 degree collection, that encompasses all categories of fashion such as men and women’s ready-to-wear, custom couture clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and watches, leather goods, luggage, and more. The line features a modern Italian sartorial design with a contemporary twist—“classic looks with character”!

Vacca – Masterminded by Creative Director Julie Vacca, the Vacca line is a contemporary women’s collection that appeals toward fashion forward women who desire THE Italian style. The innovative line has showcased in both Bryant Park and Lincoln Center during New York City’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

DV Denim – The DV Denim line takes the versatile material of denim and adds Domenico Vacca’s renowned craftsmanship to create a unique collection of ten different styles and washes. Details of the denim include Domenico Vacca’s signature inside/out back pockets and fabric lining detail.

Current Projects: From dressing celebrities and wardrobe consulting to launching a new application, the Domenico Vacca fashion brand is consistently in the media. Upcoming projects include:

July 2011 | Launch DV Application

July 2011 | Direct TV’s Damages – Season 4 wardrobe; Glenn Close
July 2011 | HBO’s Entourage - Season 8 wardrobe; Jeremy Piven
2012 Savages | Film in Pre-Production - wardrobe; Salma Hayek
2013 Elysium | Film in Pre-Production - wardrobe
2014 Ness/Capone | Film In Development - wardrobe

Unique Offerings: Domenico Vacca has the prominent distinction of being one of the few clothing designers in the world whose ready-to-wear garments are entirely handmade from start to finish. The brand also offers its customers a unique and exclusive custom order program that allows clients to choose from more than 2,000 fabrics for apparel as well as a wide variety of exotic skins in an assortment of colors for accessories—including shoes, handbags, belts, luggage and furniture. In addition, the New York City boutiques boast VIP rooms in which high-profile clientele are able to consult on their orders and purchases with the knowledgeable staff at Domenico Vacca.

Celebrity Clientele:
Boasting an impressive industry following, Domenico Vacca designs have been featured in numerous films and TV series such as: 

Son of No One (Al Pacino – Soon to be released; 2011)
HBO’s Entourage (Jeremy Piven – Season 1 through 8; July 2011)
Direct TV’s Damages (Glenn Close - Season 1 through 4; July 2011)
HBO’s In Treatment (Gabriel Byrne - Season 1 through 4; July 2011)
Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (John Malkovich; June 2011)
The Lincoln Lawyer (Marisa Tomei; March 2011)
Morning Glory (Diane Keaton; November 2010)
New in Town (Renée Zellweger; January 2009)
NBC’s Lipstick Jungle (Brooke Shield - Season 1 and 2; 2008-2009)
Just Wright (Queen Latifah, Paula Patton; May 2010)
August Rush (Jonathan Rhys Meyers; November 2010)
American Gangster (Denzel Washington; November 2010)
Nothing but the Truth (Angela Bassett, Alan Alda; July 2009)
The Kite Runner (Shaun Toub; December 2007)
Inside Man (Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, Christopher Plummer; March 2006)
Poseidon (Kurt Russell; May 2006)
Stranger than Fiction (Dustin Hoffman, Will Ferrell, Queen Latifah; Nov. 2006)

The brand is also a celebrity favorite, adorned by stars including:
50 Cent, Antonio Banderas, Ashton Kutcher, Colin Firth, Denzel Washington, Diane Keaton, Dustin Hoffman, Forest Whitaker, Glenn Close, Jack Black, Jeremy Piven, Jodie Foster, John Malkovich, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Kanye West, Keri Russell, Kurt Russell, LeBron James, Marisa Tomei, Mickey Rourke, Queen Latifah, Renee Zellweger, Scarlett Johansson, Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Salma Hayek, Seth Rogen, Steve Carrell, Usher, Will Ferrell, Yoko Ono

Awards: The Domenico Vacca fashion house has been recognized twice by the prestigious Robb Report Magazine with the Award for Best Italian Collection in their annual Best of the Best issue. The brand was also recognized as one of the finest in the world for the Domenico Vacca tie collection by Best Life Magazine.

About Domenico Vacca:
Born in Andria, in South of Italy, Domenico Vacca grew up with an eye for fashion. His grandmother was considered one of the finest tailors in Italy and had a great influence on Vacca’s sartorial style and philosophy. Vacca became increasingly involved in the fashion industry, investing in fashion companies in the South of Italy who specialize in handmade apparel. In 2001, Vacca’s knowledge of fashion and business aided him in launching his own label, making his fashion debut on New York City’s prestigious Fifth Avenue. Shortly after, Vacca introduced a total lifestyle collection for men and women that quickly gained popularity among the world’s biggest celebrities. Since their initial launch a decade ago, the brand has introduced two new collections, garnered a prominent reputation among the couture elite and expanded internationally.

Corporate Headquarter: 5 East 59th Street | 2nd Floor | Suite 201
New York, NY
(212) 838.9634
Social Media: Facebook Twitter
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