Wool and the Gang: It doesn't get any cooler

I had the pleasure of visiting Wool and the Gang's SoHo store to preview their new Fall 2011 collection and get a sneak peek at what's in store for Spring 2012.  Their latest looks were more than impressive.

The Wool and the Gang girls were super cool and laid-back, very reminiscent of the collection itself, which speaks to the coolest girl in the group who also happens to be very down-to-earth and tragically hip. I definitely want to be a Wool and the Gang girl, and I'm sure once you peruse their collections, you will too. They offer everything from hats, scarves, sweaters, bras, vests, jackets, gloves, shirts, and more.

Hand-knitted in Peru, each item seems as though it were specially made just for you. WATG carries DIY kits and allows you to customize your pieces, like adding your own tassels to your favorite sweater.

Wool and the Gang started in Sweden, is also sold in stores and is really coming into its own in the Ready-to-Wear space. They are also branching out into handbags and have an übercomfy knitted bra that is perfect for Fall/Winter.

Watch the behind-the-scenes:

See below for some of my editor's picks:

The Team Sweater: I love the added W.A.T.G. letters - great way to add a bit of prep to your Fall wardrobe

 The Sideline Top: Love the horizontal and vertical stripes on this sweater.

 The Touch Down Scarf: Long and can be worn in many ways, this scarf is a must-have

The James Jacket: Move-over Boyfriend Blazer, there's a new guy in town

The Sweety Gigi Bra: Stay warm and cute!

The Etenia Bag: Adore the tassels - perfect for a day out in Williamsburg

The Florence Sweater: Throw over and tank and tights and you are ready to go

Visit: Wool and the Gang
98 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 966-9266
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