New York International Gift Fair: Special Report

Spotlight on Brink: What to buy for your guy
By Candy Washington

New York, NY – January 29 – February 3, 2011: As busy and on-the-go fashionistas, running from the boardroom to backstage to Barney’s, one task that sometimes eludes us is finding the perfect gift to buy for our guy. “What men really want is innovation and functionality when it comes to buying for ourselves and receiving gifts. Believe it or not color, light, and space are important to us,” confesses Tony Mayoral, head of sales at Brink Collection, a specialty brand geared toward the modern man under the Present Time Inc. umbrella, and I am inclined to agree. Brink’s booth at the New York International Gift Fair was a definite stand-out. Based on the best of Brink, I have compiled the ultimate guy-gift guide.

Whether your sweetie is a little rough around the edges, super sleek and put together, or somewhere in between, you’ll find the ideal gift… and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The Minimalist Guy: If your guy’s uniform consists of a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of Converse then opt for the Multitool Industrial Elegant Swiss Army Knife. Made from stainless steel and with 13 unique functions the Swiss Army knife is the minimalist guy’s perfect companion – everything you need all-in-one place, and not-to-mention it easily fits into the pocket of his relaxed fit jeans.

The Wall Street Guy: If your guy is all about the Benjamins and Gordan Gekko is his personal hero then splurge on a portable golf set. Since your sweetie will be clocking in the hours at the office, this portable golf set will allow him to take those much needed breaks and work on his swing, all while on a conference call. We all know that one lovable characteristics of the Wall Street guy is his ability to multitask.

The Guy’s Guy: If your guy is the life of the party and the pregame is always at your place then it’s time to invest in the Cocktail Shaker Set. Your guy loves to host and with the shaker, strainer, ice clamp, jigger and stirrer all included it has never been easier. Salud with your sweetheart and he’ll be sure to make you the life of his party.

The Pretty Boy Guy: If your guy takes longer than you do to get ready in the morning then pamper your prince with the all-inclusive toiletry travel kit. Complete with a razor, clippers, small scissors, mini toothbrush, comb, mirror, and more, he can keep his grooming accessories organized in the bathroom or toss it in his bag for on-the-go manly maintenance. This perfect gift will surely please your pretty boy.

The Artistic Guy: If your guy loves to wax poetic in his band, on a blank canvas, in his next novel, or in his Off-Broadway play, then get your creative cutie a crafty cigar box made from humidor wood in metallic grey. You two can celebrate his next big gig with a flavored cigar or if you’re not into smoking then he can store mementoes or his journal in this sleek box. You’re sure to be your man’s main muse this Valentine’s Day.