Jerry Hirsch: Just Go>Silk with it

By Candy Washington

Are you ready to Go Silk? Famed designer, Jerry Hirsch is launching a new contemporary line, Go by Go>Silk, and this may be just what the fashionista ordered to revamp your racks. Read on for the story behind this legendary fashion brand then our exclusive one-on-one interview with the designer himself.

Contrary to popular belief of diamonds as a girl’s best friend, Go Silk has defiantly made silk a girl’s best friend since 1984. Founded by Jerry Hirsch and flattering to every woman, Go Silk revolutionized the way the fashion industry and consumers utilized silk by designing the first stone washed and washable silk sportswear collection. In 2011, Go Silk is back and better-than-ever and still designing, manufacturing, and distributing designer silk sportswear. Its line is comprised of natural silk and silk blends.

Impressively, Go Silk has been popular among celebrity, musician, and artist clientele. It is also available within 20 varying countries. This innovation line also won The American Institute of Architects, Interior Architecture Award of Excellence in 1994. The future of Go Silk lies within the launch of its new contemporary line, Go by Go Silk that is geared toward a younger demographic but maintains the heritage, core aesthetic, and integrity of the parent fashion line.

Fashion Edits: What’s the inspiration behind your line?

Jerry Hirsh:
The inspiration behind the go by go>silk collection is the tremendous success that was achieved by its Parent, go>silk, in the 1980′s and 1990′s. Go>silk created luxurious sportswear and then washed the silk garments. Go>silk also created fabric washed and sand washed silk. Go>silk was the first company to wash silk (stone, garment, sand wash) creating an entirely new category of clothing. Go by go>silk continues this mission by recreating and designing new classics of sportswear while maintaining the luxury of silk with the ease of machine washing this precious fabric.

FE: What are some of your professional highlights?

JH: My professional highlights span over 25 years of designing and producing go>silk. I think the satisfaction of having a collection that everyone wanted and everyone copied. Our roster of celebrities was quite impressive and many of them I got to meet. Jack Nickelson, Anjelica Houston, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Harry Belafonte, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and my good friend the late Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes. Our Fashion Shows and parties also attracted an interesting collection of movers and shakers. The likes of Donald Trump, Thierry Mugler, Anne Slater, Frank Andrews, Marc Jacobs, Meat Loaf, Ru Paul.

FE: Where can we find your collection?

JH: Go by go>silk can be found at fine specialty stores worldwide. To mention a few in the United States, Knit Wit, Betsy Prince, RTW, Frances Kahn, Wendy Foster, Betsey Bunky Nini, Deborah James.

FE: Who is the Jerry Hirsch girl?

JH: The Jerry Hirsch girl is the same as the go>silk girl. It’s the women that can throw on a few pieces of washed silk, and make it her own. She has the confidence to stand tall, throw her shoulders back and hold her head up high. In fact what ever she wears she has to have confidence in her posture.FE: Where do you see fashion headed?

Fashion is all over the place and I like that. I think looser, softer clothing will take hold. I like to see women mixing soft feminine clothes with an item of military of safari origin.

FE: What are some things retailers should know about your line?

I think retailers already know that we design and manufacture a fashionable quality garment that is easy to care for and will give their customers years of wearing pleasure. It also comes with a pedigree. The go>silk and go by go>silk look and label is highly distinguishable.

FE: Feel free to add in any additional information you want our readers, retailers, and buyers to know.

Our new Collection, go by go>silk has a younger more contemporary point of view without limiting it to a certain age group.