This is dedicated to all of my exes: Levi’s Launches the ‘Ex-Girlfriend Jean’ for Men

For all of the vintage tees, boxers, button-ups, shades, fedora hats, and baseball caps that I have kept - this one's for you.

Read below for my fav excerpt about the new line of the Ex-Girlfriend Jean by Levi's.

"Levi's website describes their latest "super-snug"-fitting jeans for men: "Remember the girlfriend with the great style? Here's a tribute to her -- a fit that's super-snug all over, an update of the five-pocket classic that's as skinny as it gets. Made with plenty of stretch." Of course, if a man could borrow jeggings from his current girlfriend, then he wouldn't need to buy his own." {From The Cut}

Candy WashingtonComment