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A couple years ago, new to the city and a fresh-faced aspiring actress, I walked into an audition room at one of the four major television networks and had the pleasure of meeting the awesome Johnny "Showstopper" Webster. We instantly hit it off and like the savvy showbiz people we are, we exchanged info and from there our fabulous friendship blossomed...

Johnny is the mastermind behind the uber-in-the-know television blog, Just Johnny Webster | Just TV All The Time. If you, like myself, not only need up-to-date castings, plot twists, guest stars, and on-set drama, but you also need it with a hysterically opinionated voice, then look no further than Just Johnny. He also gives you the must-see TV schedule. Trust me, it is not to be missed.

Read below for my exclusive interview with the hottest entertainment insider out there!

Q: I love your television-focused site, Just Johnny Webster: Just TV All The Time! Can you tell us about the basic concept behind the site?

A: Basically, my FB friends got tired of my status updates about TV and told me to start or blog otherwise they would de-friend me! Haha! Just Kidding. Well, half kidding. I just wanted a place where I could write more than 150 characters on the TV news I found most exciting to me and to my friends who are always asking me what’s on TV? OMG! Did you see? OMG! What’s happening on? So one day I decided why not?

Q: Where do you find your TV scoop?

A: I find my TV scoop from a lot of different sources. I frequent Deadline, TVLine and TV Fanatic but a lot of my scoop comes from the networks publicity teams. I get screeners and press releases on a daily basis.

Q: What are some of your favorite TV shows and actors?

A: Gosh, how much space do you have? I love Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, Hawaii Five-0, Nikita, The Good Wife, The Game, White Collar, Burn Notice, Being Human, Eureka, Gossip Girl, Wizards of Waverly Place (YES! I love Disney Channel), No Ordinary Family, Chase is great! 

My favorite actors are Lucy Hale, Shay Mention, Lindsey Price, Kim Raver, Ellen Pompeo, Chryler Leigh, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sophia Bush, Scott Caan, Kay Panabaker, Maggie Q, Shantel Van Santen, Juliana Margulies, Kyra Sedgwick, Sarah Shahi, Piper Perabo, Julie Benz just to name a few. Wow. I love a lot of female actors… GIRL POWER!!!

Q: Any predictions on which pilots will be hot this season?

A: There are some REALLY amazing pilots right now from Veep starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Charlie’s Angels remake is going to be AWESOME, ABC Family has some GREAT pilots including one starring Raven-Symone. But pilot season really kicks off in a few weeks and then it’s going to be heaven on earth for me. I LOVE pilot season.

Q: I know you just made the big move from New York to LA! Congrats!!! What’s life like in Hollywood vs the Big Apple?

A: Sunny. I love LA! I feel like LA is definitely where I was meant to be. It’s very slow paced but also so laid back. You just wanna get out everyday and go for a hike or go to beach or stalk celebrities at The Grove or TV studios. Haha!

Q: What are some of the cool things you have going on when you’re not dishing the latest and greatest TV insider info?

A: I wish there was some really cool things going on but honestly when I’m not dishing the latest TV info I’m watching TV. Although, I do LOVE to dance in my room to some 80’s hits! That’s probably the coolest thing… to me

Q: What are some of your aspirations for the site? Where do you see it going?

A: I would love to do more recaps and reviews of upcoming pilots. I eventually want to start doing interviews and also a Just See Actress/Actor of the week and interview said actor as well as maybe a YouTube video or something. It’s more about time and availability for myself and the actor in question.

Q: What have been some of the biggest TV surprises you’ve encountered so far?

A: CBS cancelling Ghost Whisperer and The New Adventures of Old Christine was a HUGE surpise/disappointment. Law & Order: Los Angeles just fired 3 of its series regulars. I mean WTF?!

Q: If you could interview any TV celebrity or industry honcho, who would it be and what’s the top two questions you would ask?

A: HANDS DOWN SOPHIA BUSH FROM ONE TREE HILL. My first question would be can we be best friends? And my second question would be we can have a sleepover?

Q: What’s one thing This is Candy Washington readers can ONLY find out here about Just Johnny and your fab site?

A: I’m going to be the BIGGEST Talent Manager that EVER LIVED! HOLLER!!

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