Hey, it's Candy.

Welcome to my blog. I love sharing my adventures in travel, fashion, style, beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle.

I also love sharing insights into my personal journey as well.

Hope you enjoy!

What's in a name?

So... last week while doing a freelance project everyone called me Candace, which clearly isn't my name... but it got to the point where it would have been awkward to correct them. I must say, it felt weird being called by another name... like I wasn't myself or something... that I could take on a new persona simply based upon the fact that I was being called something other than the old faithful Candy. It was kind of provocative - becoming someone new and different. Choose your own adventure if you will...

Social experiment for the weekend: go to a bar or party and assume an alias... and see where the night takes you...

London Calling

Joey D is officially a rockstar: Joe Driscoll's Ridum- Theme for Nokia's New Ad Campaign