Rumor Mill: MTV Cancels The City

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised... it's been kind of a bore this season... but I do heart the girls...

But don't fret, it is just a rumor...

From Fashionista

Rumor has it that MTV has canceled (seemingly) successful scripted reality series The City. The current season, which airs on Tuesdays at 10.30pm EST, will be its last.
The City, a spin-off of the The Hills, which was a spin-off of Laguna Beach, documents the “life” of Whitney Port, a young designer trying to make it in New York. It mostly takes place at real-life fashion industry companies, including Kelly Cutrone’s public relations firm People’s Revolution and Elle magazine, where main characters Erin Kaplan and Olivia Palermo “work.” (Kaplan does indeed work full time at Elle, Palermo does not.)
In general, we’re a bit surprised by this news.
The City seems genuinely popular, and even if it doesn’t pull in ratings equivalent to those of The Hills (which is also ending this season), it’s much buzzier. For a brand like MTV, it seems like it’d be worth sacrificing some ratings for press.
But we guess that’s not the case in this circumstance. We’re also guessing that, Palermo, who has become a celebrity outside of her work on The City, is “over” the show, as is Whitney Port, who is very serious about her fashion career, even if the rest of the world isn’t.

From the Cut

Whitney Port Denies The City’s Cancellation

Whitney Port Denies The City’s Cancellation
Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images
This morning, Fashionista reported that The City had been canceled. While a source told us otherwise, Whitney Port, ever the savvy social networker, took to her website after an alarming number of inquiries from fans as to the show's demise. She wrote:
To my friends and fans,
I want to clear the air and let you all know that the rumors that have been circulating about The City being cancelled are NOT true! When I checked my Twitter and Facebook pages this morning, I was overwhelmed with your kind words and support. I am 100% committed to the show and thank you all for being the best fans! Now, let's show our love for The City and rock this week!!! Tune in tomorrow night LIVE to MTV @10:30.
But before we rock this week with her, Racked found some more evidence that seems to point to the rumor's falsehood.
The blog reports that two City producers were casting at Surf Lodge in Montauk on Saturday night for a new girl. Racked wonders why they'd cast if the show has been canceled. They also hear from a "very reliable source" that Olivia plans to go on a "press trip with an accessories company" to Berlin next week, which sounds like good fodder for the show. However, Olivia ginned up a jewelry line with Roberta Freymann, so the trip might be for that.