Hey, it's Candy.

Welcome to my blog. I love sharing my adventures in travel, fashion, style, beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle.

I also love sharing insights into my personal journey as well.

Hope you enjoy!

Ugh. Sorry. I've been MIA.

Ok lovers. I admit it. I have seriously been delinquent from my one true love, my blog - and you guys of course. I've been crazed for the past few months... honestly, in good and bad ways... but I guess that everyone goes through certain patches in life... but things are all on the up-and-up and it's time for me refocus my energy here... writing, talking, posting pics... so expect my blog to be back with a vengeance... and I want to hear from you... what you want to know about... what you want to see....

Get ready for summer in style...

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