Fashion is back lovahs

These collages from net-a-porter gives me the chills! Fashion and being a fashionista is back in a BIG way! Thank goodness... I was starting to get a lil worried being my New York transplant-self in the city of brotherly love... but I mean no harm (don't want the backlash Ms. Sienna Miller felt when she made the fatal mistake and PR nighmare of calling Pittsburgh, 'Shitsburgh', while filming The Mysteries of Pittsburgh)

Here are some of my favs looks and trends that will be big this year:

* Big shoes with a new take on the stiletto: Wedges are in, tall heels with a decorative shoe (think studs, cut-outs, etc.)

* Military looks but executed in a feminine way - try pairing an army jacket with a lacy top and jeans

* Textures!!! Suedes, leathers, velvets, and corduroy

* Neutrals and natural colors

* Fur (vintage of course) and colored furs (faux)

* Oversized galore - oversized cargo pants, coats, jackets, t-shirts, etc. bigger is definitely better

* Futuristic and metallic looks - think shine, not just sequins

* Ethnic prints

Fashion rocks.
Candy WashingtonComment