See below for my top picks of DVF's fall 2010 ready-to-wear collection and read below for a recap of my first night in the city of brotherly love...

So this has been my first weekend in Philly and I just wrapped up my first day at Urban Outfitters. Job = amazing. Me getting used to my new life in the city of brotherly love = not-so-much.

In true made-for-TV style my first night in my new apartment was interesting to say the least. The movers and super have left and I'm antsy in my new spacious 1-bedroom apartment, which is a far cry from my teeny-tiny studio in Chelsea, which I had oddly grown to love. Was it possible to have too much space? Alas, I decided to take my New York City missin' self for a walk. I grabbed my Louis, threw on my snowboots and long puffy black coat, and headed for the door.

After an hour of aimlessly walking the streets of Center City, I decided it was time to head back 'home'. Slipping and sliding back to my place, I couldn't help but let my inner New York cynic out... why was it so quiet? How come there were no people out? How come everything seemed to be closed? Did I really just see everything Philly had to offer in my late afternoon stroll?

I open my first door and dredge down the long corridor to my apartment door. I take out my shiny new keys and insert it into the lock... swoosh-swoosh... but no click. I jimmy the key in the door again... swoosh-swoosh, but no click. "Are you SERIOUS?!" I shout to myself.


I am locked out of my place. "Hmm... maybe I can break-in..." I begin scheming. I opened the door to the area outside where we put our trash... it leads to the alley way inbetween our buildings. I schlep over to where my living room window is (mind you there had been a mini blizzard and it snow-caked out there).

I don't know what I was thinking.

I made a feeble attempt to open the window screen, but who did I think I was? MacGyver? With my tail between my legs I walk by to the door and alas, that door is locked too! Who knew it would lock behind you once you closed it? So there I was. Locked out of my apartment AND locked out of my building. It was just me, 5 feet of snow and ice, and the trash.


I shimmied underneath the fire escape stairs and through the unsholved mountains of snow to only encounter yet another locked door. "Ha!" I thought to myself, "this time I will be the victor!" I could actually open this door. I unbolted the lock, mustered all my strength and flung open the stubborn door. I proceeded to meander through the piles of snow in the back alley, praying I wouldn't be mistaken for a good-time girl and then made my way to freedom to the other side of my building.

Defeated, I walked back to the front of my building and entered the front door and then slowly walked through the long corridor again. I sat on the hard, cold floor in front of my door and my little numb fingers dialed my super's number. He'd be there in 10...

To be continued...

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