My predictions for what will be Hot and Not in 2010!!

Fashion trends:

Hot: Futuristic and ethnic looks
Not: The 80's


Hot: Artists, photographers, painters and eco-friendly activists
Not: Jerks.

TV Shows and Movies:

Hot: Aliens (Think: Avatar and District 9)
Not: Vampires (Think: Twilight and Vampire Diaries)


Hot: Pastels and greys
Not: Depressingly dark colors (except black, which is always in style)


Hot: Super distressed, rugged, ripped, and shredded
Not: Super skinny or acid-washed

Political topics:

Hot: Health Care and gay marriage
Not: Sarah Palin

Scary (but awe-inspiring) bosslady:

Hot: Kelly Cutrone
Not: Rachel Zoe

Reality TV:

Hot: Jersey Shore (Snooki!!! These tough times call for some comic relief)
Not: The Hills (Kristin Cavallaris is no Lauren Conrad)

Shopping destinations:

Hot: Flea markets
Not: Sample sales

Candy Washington1 Comment