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Ho ho ho...

Happy holidays!!!!

So I am home, here in the country... saw cows and horses the other day while joy-riding with Zach - with the top down on his sports convertible, eerily lovely weather to be so close to Christmas. We went to this boutique burger restaurant called Flip... very new age and yummy.... get the Nutella milkshake! My holiday season has pretty been to true to form: eating, watching an exuberant amount of television, sleeping, hanging with my partner-in-crime (my niece), being terrorized by my big sisters, texting nonstop with Aaron, and having the obligatory fight with Ben S. Yep, definitely the holidays.

Here are some observations thus far:

* I desperately need to go shopping for a New Year's outfit, er, dress, definitely wearing a dress... I'm thinking loads and loads of pearls a la Chanel Iman...

* Must start running again in the New Year... great excuse to purchase some fab new running shoes...

* Must stop sneaking bits of cake and sneaking some of the bits to my niece...

* Wondering with all the nuances of modern day technology... why do I still get fuzzy cell phone reception here?

* Single tear for Brittany Murphy. Too soon, so sad.

* Might go vegetarian in the new year

* I love canned peaches and those miniature oranges, what are they called? mandarins? Yums...

* Debating whether or not to call Ben S. back

* Can't decide between going to see Sherlock Holmes or Nine for our Christmas movie

What are you all up to for the holidays? All my love!

Merry Christmas!!!!

The New Sex in the City Trailer