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Jean Paul Gaultier to Do Target Collection!

Jean Paul Gaultier, spring 2010.

Jean Paul Gaultier, spring 2010.Photo: Getty Images

The rumors were true! Jean Paul Gaultier is doing a Target collection. It will hit more than 250 Target stores across the country and Target.com on March 7, and be available through April 11. Gaultier is the third established designer to do a collection for the mass retailer (after Alexander McQueen and Anna Sui) under the Designer Collaboration series. Target makes the designers in this series choose a muse for their collections. McQueen chose Leila Moss, Sui chose the girls of Gossip Girl, and guess what Gaultier chose?

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target pays tribute to the American woman, celebrating the forces of style both past and present in American pop culture, the retailer said.

So we all know who that really means: Madonna, whom Gaultier has dressed onstage for ages. We're hoping for pointy-bra tops, leotards, overalls, mesh crop tops, corsets β€” all the things chicks secretly want but can't in good conscious pay more than Target prices for.

Jean Paul Gaultier Set for Target Collaboration [WWD]

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