Girl on the Rise: Coco Sumner

I am really loving her! She's like the perfect mix of Willa Ford and Cory Kennedy... My prediction is that she is poised to be the next big It girl... you heard it here first people...

Eliot Pauline Sumner (born July 30, 1990 in Pisa, Italy) also known by her nickname, Coco, is an English musician, model and actress. She is the daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler. Coco has five siblings. Her half-brother Joseph Sumner (born 1976) is the lead singer of the band Fiction Plane. Coco's half-sister is actress Fuchsia Catherine "Kate" Sumner (born 1982). Coco's sister Bridget Michael "Mickey" Sumner (born 1984) is a filmmaker and artist; and Coco's two brothers are Jake Sumner (born 1985) and Giacomo Luke Sumner (born 1995).

Coco, Mickey and Kate Sumner had supporting roles in the film Stardust and Coco was featured in Burberry's spring/summer 2008 advertising campaign alongside Agyness Deyn, Lily Donaldson, Alex Pettyfer, Eddie Redmayne, and Blondelle[1].

In 2008, she signed with Island Records and is currently recording her debut album in Jamaica. Her songs include "I Blame Coco," "2B 2D or not 2B," "No Smile," "Bohemian Love," and "Control."

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