You're my favorite...

Below are some of my favorite things... What are yours??

Favorite kind of pants: black skinnies
Favorite Number: 5
Animal: bonobos
Drink: deshtinis
Sport: lacrosse, college and pro basketball
Fast-Food Place: Chipotle
Month: December
Band: depends on my mood but Interpol, Kings of Leon, the Kooks, the Fray, Kate Nash, the Killers, etc.
Movie: also depends on my mood, just saw Elegy, totally enamored with it
Breakfast: eggs and coffee
Perfume: Issey Miyake
Cologne: Aqua D'Gio
Favourite cartoon character: Tweety Bird
Color: blue
Food: cheese and Pinkberry
Ice Cream?: chocolate fudge brownie
Shoes: vintage boots that i wear to death
Place to relax: my bed
Magazine: NYLON and Elle
Person to hang out with: my mom and sisters
Place to go on the weekends: pubs, shops, art galleries
Thing to wear to bed: tank and undies
Time to shower: after a run
TV show: Murder, She Wrote; Matlock, Perry Mason, Alfred Hitchcock
Season: Autumn
Holiday: my birthday
Smell: rain
Celebrity crush: MK Olsen
Memory: kissing a guy i liked in a field
Book: lots... but mostly the ones on existentialism
Thing about the opposite sex: butterflies
Cereal: grape nuts