Zac Posen and myself at the I ♥ Gen Art: 15th Anniversary Benefit

So last night my friend Adam and I were among the beautiful people at the I ♥ Gen Art: 15th Anniversary Benefit, held at 7 West. Not to sound too pretentious, but the art was actually quite impressive and the DJ was also to be admired. But the true highlight of the evening... yes, something actually trumped sipping yummy cocktails, perusing one-of-kind art pieces and rubbing elbows with the Zac Posen... But I got my first, real-life, up-close-and-personal, glimpse of the girls of The City. Yes, my heart stopped. Yes, I did a mental inventory of their wardrobes. And yes, they are even more stunning in person. Whitney is super tall and thin, and was wearing a black and silver, sequined mini. Erin was bubbly as always, and a tattoo on her ribs was peeking through her top. And Sammy was wearing this green, tight tube dress that looked great on her. As you can tell I was absorbing every bit of reality TV goodness I could. All in all... awesome night.