Sin City

Since I am going through The City withdrawal... here are some pics and some gossip concerning the upcoming season...

"Absorbing under 2 million viewers in the first season, "The City" will be revamped by two additional cast. According to the New York Post, MTV will inject the second season of the reality show with two new girls described by the network as "vixens".

Whitney Port, who is the star of the show, was spotted attending Pepsi Natural party at Lily Pond in East Hampton last Saturday, June 13, accompanied by two new "friends". These new faces reportedly will be recurring cast next season. "Their names are Samantha and Roxy, and they are out of control," a source was quoted as saying. Photo of Samantha and Roxy can be seen on NY POST.

Beside the 'boring' factor, the new cast are brought in because "Olivia Palermo now works at Elle and can't be out going wild."

While the female number is increasing, the show is losing the male element with the departure of Jay Lyon. The former flame of Whitney said last month that he could not handle reality show and would rather concentrate on his music career. He is one piece of band Tamarama."

My take?? I am super pumped for the new girls... reeking havoc in the Big Apple... new hook ups (good riddance to Jay! he was a two-bit boyfriend and the city has too many hotties in it to dwell on one lame dud. ) ... new fashion, obvi... and most importantly new 'drama'. I hope Olivia sticks around, I love her jewelry and bitchiness. And of course, my fav, the flowerchild herself, Erin. She's the best.... Go Whit!