I heart you.

So I have been in the country since Saturday... I am here for the week (happy Memorial Day and such)... I've been helping my sis move (she just built a house next to my mom's) and hanging with the pine trees, rabbits, deer and vegetable garden. But it does afford me some time to work on the new gig I just landed - my own column in Cliché Magazine (http://clichemag.com/) But you will have to wait to the July issue to see who I interviewed and read more about my section, so definitely stay tuned.

Went shopping with the fam today... scored some vintage rings, a leopard print long tank top, a black Charlie Chaplin hat, some vintage tees (one bearing the British flag), some silver flats, white jeans, and some bronze ankle sandals. Next up a new wallet... but I haven't found one that I fancy just yet.

I don't have cable back in the city so I am soaking up every yummy moment of television I can (think Golden Girls marathons and the Hills)

Lots of love and such,