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Whitney Port Flees Diane Von Furstenberg for People’s Revolution

4/13/09 at 12:50 PM

Whitney Port Flees Diane Von Furstenberg for People’s Revolution

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Olivia Palermo's bitchy tactics may have finally scared Whitney Port away from Diane Von Furstenberg. "Page Six" reports that Whitney is returning to work for Kelly Cutrone at People's Revolution, which we're pretty excited about, because Kelly is more entertaining to watch on television than the people at DVF. Kelly tells girls they're anorexic. The people at DVF, well, there is that one lady named Alixe who doles out fake assignments to Whitney and Olivia, and not once has she suggested to anyone that they have an eating disorder. Boring! Whitney reportedly left DVF after Olivia got a promotion to publicist for DVF in London. But we don't think that's true, because we saw Olivia at a party recently, and when we asked her what she had been up to she said "traveling," but not in any way that was related to actual work or a career. However, we do hope that she and Whitney don't interact any less in season two. The vicious look on Olivia's face whenever she's in the same room as Whitney warms our hearts so. "Page Six" also reports that Elle creative director Joe Zee will appear in six episodes of season two, which just might fill the reality-TV void at Elle that Stylista never could after the magazine lost the Project Runway sponsorship. Elle declined to comment, but Joe would make another great addition! For a show about the fashion industry, there's a surprising dearth of fabulous gay men.


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