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Go Whit! So proud of our girl for moving on after Jay was too lame to commit... wonder if the new flame will make an appearance in season 2? Guess we'll have to wait to see... xx Candy

Whitney Port Spotted Sucking Face With Clean-Shaven Actor

3/20/09 at 11:10 AM


Whitney Port Spotted Sucking Face With Clean-Shaven Actor

Photo: Getty Images

So it looks like Whitney Port is taking Erin's advice about getting over a guy by getting under another. "Page Six" reports that Whitney was recently spotted making out with Lipstick Jungle star Robert Buckley at Nobu in Miami the day after news broke of her breakup with City swashbuckler Jay Lyons. Unlike Jay, Robert appears to shave and bathe. If Lipstick Jungle doesn't come back, at least Buckley has a fallback means of publicity β€” one that people actually watch.

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