Behind-the-Bands: Hello Midnight

Welcome to my first installment of Behind-the-Bands, this is a series of video interviews with up-and-coming new talent from New York City. Is it an excuse to hang out with hot rockers? You bet. But more than that, it's an opportunity for you guys to listen to some of the best bands out there and learn more about the boys (and gals) behind the band... You can interact directly with band by posting questions and comments here - and I'll have the band respond directly to you!

Hello Midnight is the first band in the series. Meet the band!

Eric Yowaiski - Guitar / Vocals (He looks like the lost Jonas brother)
Matthew Langner - Drums (He hooked-up with Mary-Kate... 'nuff said)
Andrew Prolow - Guitars (He's the Dad of the group)
Peter 'Benson' Rudolph – Bass (Has a baby/Panda face and turns pink when he drinks vodka)

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Upcoming show...

Live at the Bitter End
April 18th - 10:30pm
Presale tickets $10
At the door $15
Order online at:

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