25 Random Facts...

Ok... here are my 25 random facts... what are some of yours??

1. I like my coffee with skim milk and 2 equals

2. I’m actually much more of a homebody than my Facebook persona would lead you to believe

3. My friends say I snort when I laugh... I like to call it breathing heavily

4. I eat oranges and Chicken Madness sandwiches by ripping them apart with my hands – it just tastes better that way… kind of like how food of other peoples plates taste better

5. I have a stuffed Bonobo named Orli that I sleep with at night

6. I used to own a Dodge Stratus when I lived in LA “I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS!”

7. I will put on 2 coats of navy blue nail polish even after Cari tells me it won’t go well… and it doesn’t go well

8. I share a birthday with Nostradamus

9. I’m terrified of the winter solstice of 2012

10. I’m pretty sure everyone in the apartment building across from mine has seen me dancing in my underwear

11. I think a handwritten love letter is the sweetest thing in the world, especially because I have never gotten after the 9th grade

12. I lie and say I’m 5’2” … when I’m actually 5’0” and my solution to the problem is to just tell everyone else they're 2 inches taller than they actually are

13. I have a girl crush on Angela Lansbury (Jessica B. Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote)

14. I prefer white wine to red…unless there is cheese involved

15. I’m obsessed with Mary Kate Olsen... but anyone who knows me, knows that

16. When I was little, I thought when it snowed in Syracuse, it snowed everywhere in the world

17. I lie to strangers about my religion for fun… Liz and I had this guy believing I was a Christian Scientist for a whole semester

18. I made out with Chris Meloni from Law & Order:SVU (Detective Stabler) at the Hotel Gansevoort – he’s my claim to fame and I doubt he remembers… haha

19. I once argued with Ben for half an hour about what his favorite color was (I swear he told me once it green…)

20. I think my friend Ali looks like Britney Spears… but hotter and not crazy bananas

21. I truly believe, that deep down, people are good… well… most people

22. I want to have T.I.’s babies… and I once stalked him at La Guardia

23. I have a fear of falling down stairs and breaking my teeth

24. I prefer savory to sweet… despite my name

25. I live with no regrets