Is finally spicing up! I love how Erin is so flaky with her beau! "These two weeks have beEn great... BUT... I'm 24 and I want to have things to look forward to in my future..." Haha, classic! And Olivia is divine at being the poor-little-rich-girl, I do feel bad for how everyone is so two-faced to her... with the rolling of the eyes and dirty looks... not cool... And Chris was pretty hot (the one who asked Whitney on a date)! He was bold (clearly for the cams, but who cares? A guy that confident is irrestible).

Ohhh major points for Whitney for making Jay jealous! She played it so cool by causually mentioning she went on a day-date with her hot co-worker Chris... loved seeing gorgegous Jay squirm at the dinner table. He needs to know that he needs to step up!

Yay! Whit and jay made it official... whoop whoop!!