The City: "Good things come in threes"

Is finally spicing up! I love how Erin is so flaky with her beau! "These two weeks have beEn great... BUT... I'm 24 and I want to have things to look forward to in my future..." Haha, classic! And Olivia is divine at being the poor-little-rich-girl, I do feel bad for how everyone is so two-faced to her... with the rolling of the eyes and dirty looks... not cool... And Chris was pretty hot (the one who asked Whitney on a date)! He was bold (clearly for the cams, but who cares? A guy that confident is irrestible).

Ohhh major points for Whitney for making Jay jealous! She played it so cool by causually mentioning she went on a day-date with her hot co-worker Chris... loved seeing gorgegous Jay squirm at the dinner table. He needs to know that he needs to step up!

Yay! Whit and jay made it official... whoop whoop!!
Candy Washington2 Comments