Article of the Day: Peaches Geldof Gets Topshop Line - The 19 year old "it" girl faces off against Kate Moss

I came across this article today and thought I would share it. I don't care how cool I thought I was... it would be VERY intimidating to square-off against the Kate Moss. I like Peaches personal style enough to be interested in her line at Topshop... but I have to wonder how will she differentiate her line from Kate's, other than the inflated price? Not sure Peaches has enough of a true following to go toe-to-toe with Kate and be more expensive.... I guess time will tell. Sidenote: Topshop is opening a store in SoHo in March... just in time for Peaches line to debut... now that is great marketing... What are your thoughts on Peaches new line? Do you shop at TopShop?

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By Sharon Feiereisen

In addition to the recent announcement that Kate Moss has signed a new three year contract with Topshop, it is being reported that Peaches Geldof, the 19 year old “it” girl daughter of Bob Geldof, will have her own line of high street fashions as well. If this turns out to be true, a face-off with Kate Moss’ widely successful wears is inevitable.

People over at PPQ, for whom Peaches designed some high-end pieces that were launched last month, have been quoted as saying that the Peaches line will be more pricey than Kate Moss’.

As for the PPQ items, the label owner Percy Parker told This is London UK (, that “the label's items start at several hundred pounds, but they now want Peaches to help them with a high street range at more affordable prices. We had a meeting to discuss expanding the range. We're going to make it a lot more accessible, in different shops around the country and on the Internet. It's going to be much more accessible, but not as cheap as Topshop. Peaches gets a lot of bad press but that's just because if she doesn't think someone is cool, she won't make the effort or give them any time.”

The collection is due in March.

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