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The Girlfriend's Guide to Wine: Stay Golden with NakedWines.com

Hi lovelies,

Spring has officially sprung here in sunny Los Angeles, CA. This means that it's time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and plan fun gatherings and trips with my group of besties. The only thing we love more than laughing, taking road trips, shopping, and just grabbing lattes, is enjoying a refreshing glass of wine, Rosé, or champers, while plotting to take over the world and take our #girlBOSS status to the next level.

My group of strong and intelligent besties reminds me of one another group of equally inspiring women, the lovely ladies from one of my favorite television shows, The Golden Girls. The iconic Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche, and Rose, may have had cheesecake to bring them all together, but my besties and I have wine to unite us thanks to NakedWines.com.

But it should be said, that we should enjoy our wine in a responsible way. There's nothing wrong with seeking help with detoxing and any additions that you may have, especially at the Colorado alcohol detox center. 

NakedWines.com gives us exclusive access and special prices wine created by independent winemakers, so we can support other entrepreneurs while we bond and unwind. What we particularly love about NakedWines.com, is that we are able to uncover new wines that we can't get from our average or local stores.

Plus, it allows us to support boutique and smaller vineyards, winemakers, and wineries by using the internet to connect us in a new and innovative way. We simply sign-up as an “Angel” and then we get insider access to

The Girlfriend's Guide to Wine: Stay Golden


If you're a Dorothy that means that you're glue that holds your friend group together and every one comes to you when they need some tough love with a gentle delivery. You're the natural leader of the pack who's smart, strong, and fiercely loyal.

Dorothy Wines:

Christian Patat Pecorino 2015
Get yours here: http://bit.ly/2ouftfZ

  • $9.99 angel pricing/$16.99 retail

  • 100% Pecorino (yes, it’s a grape too!)

  • 12.5% ABV

  • From Marche, Italy which is centrally located in the middle of the country next to the Adriatic Sea named after the sheep in Marche who used to snack on them.

  • Appearance: Straw yellow with some hints of green

  • Aroma: White peach, white flower, ocean breeze

  • Palate: Papaya, grapefruit, blood orange

  • Food Pairing Recommendations: Shrimp pasta with basil, garlic and a homemade tomato sauce

Mr Glover Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2016
Get yours here: http://bit.ly/2nTeOnt

  • $12.99 angel pricing/$21.99 retail

  • 100% Sauvignon Blanc

  • 13% ABV

  • From Marlborough, New Zealand which is the north part of the South Island

  • Appearance: Pale, light straw

  • Aroma: Passionfruit, gooseberry, lime, fresh cut grass

  • Palate: Lemongrass, green pepper, guava, pink grapefruit, peach

  • Food Pairing Recommendations: Thai food


If you're a Sophia, then you're the wittiest and funniest gal in your girl group. Everyone comes to you for a good laugh, sound advice, and a home-cooked meal with a glass of wine. Even though you're quick as a whip and can be super sarcastic at times, you're still super sensitive and would be there for your besties in a heart beat.

Sophia's Wines:

Villebois Pouilly Fume 2015
Get yours here: http://bit.ly/2n4Pc88

  • $18.99 angel pricing/$31.99 retail

  • 100% Sauvignon Blanc

  • 12.5% ABV

  • From the Central Vineyards in the Loire Valley, right next to Sancerre

  • Appearance: pale, light straw

  • Aroma: Gunpowder, smokiness (flint), tropical fruit

  • Palate: Limestone, pineapple, mango, grapefruit

  • Food Pairing Recommendations: Anything with goat cheese or shellfish dishes

Petit Villebois Sauvignon Blanc 2015
Get yours here: http://bit.ly/2nPieWu

  • $11.99 angel pricing/$25.99 retail

  • 100% Sauvignon Blanc from several vineyards in the Loire Valley (where Sancerre is located)

  • 12% ABV

  • Appearance: Pale, light straw with some hints of green

  • Aroma: Gooseberry, lemon, lime, grapefruit

  • Palate: Limestone, asparagus, citrus

  • Food Pairing Recommendations: Anything with goat cheese or shellfish dishes


If you're a Blanche, then you never apologize for being who you are and you love it when all eyes are on you. You're the go-to fashionista of your girl group and you always have the best guy advice. You ooze confidence but you have a sweet spot for spending quality with your friends. You bring the spice to every party and you're always game for an adventure.

Blanche's Wines:

Jean Philippe Moulin Champagne Rose
Get yours here: http://bit.ly/2n4FUZG

  • $29.99 angel pricing/ $59.99 retail

  • Don't overly chill-48°F to 51°F is perfect temperature

  • 85% Chardonnay 15% Pinot Noir

  • 12% ABV

  • Comparable to Tattinger & Bollinger Champagne rose

  • Appearance: Coral/salmon

  • Aroma: Fresh strawberries, raspberries, red currant

  • Palate: Dry, elegantly smooth, pomegranate, red fruit preserves

  • Food Pairing Recommendations: Proscuitto wrapped melon or tuna tartare

W. Donaldson Blanc de Blancs 2014
Get yours here: http://bit.ly/2oRlBLP

  • $18.99 angel pricing/ $34.99 retail

  • 100% Chardonnay

  • 12.5% ABV

  • Sparkling wine made just like Champagne, but from California from Wayne Donaldson who used to be the head winemaker of Chandon

  • Blanc de Blancs translates to white wine from white grapes, which makes sense because it is 100% Chardonnay

  • Aged on yeasts for 24 months to create crisp, graceful wine with poise and concentration

  • Grapes are from the coldest areas of Sonoma County

  • Appearance: Yellow straw

  • Aroma: Apricot, fresh baked pastries, grapefruit

  • Palate: Brioche, granny smith apple, green fig

  • Food Pairing Recommendations: Raw oysters

Benjamin Laroche Chablis 1er Cru Vaucoupin 2014
Get yours here: http://bit.ly/2ou8jsE

  • $21.99 angel pricing/$36.99 retail

  • 100% Chardonnay

  • 13% ABV

  • From a premier cru vineyard located in Chablis which is a part of Burgundy, France

  • Appearance: Pale, light straw

  • Aroma: White flowers, pear, starfruit

  • Palate: Honeycomb, lemon, chalky minerality

  • Food Pairing Recommendations: Triple cream brie


If you're a Rose, then you have a heart of gold and is the group's resident sweetheart. You're positivity and encouragement is infectious and everyone always feels better about themselves when they're around you. You love making your friends smile and you're always game to be your bestie's partner-in-crime.

Rose's Wines:

Benjamin Darnault Pique Nique Rosé 2015
Get yours here: http://bit.ly/2otUGcP

  • $9.99 angel pricing/ $16.99 retail

  • Grapes from the south of France in the Pays d’ Oc (Languedoc-Roussillon) with coastal Mediterranean influences

  • 100% grenache

  • 12.5% ABV

  • Made by the maceration method, when red wine grapes (grenache in this case) are left alone to rest, otherwise known as “macerate” for an extended period of time. The wine touches the red grape skins for 2-20 hours typically. Afterward, the entire batch of juice is transformed into a rosé.

  • Appearance: Pale rose gold

  • Aroma: Fresh strawberries and whipped cream, rose petals

  • Palate: Dry, rich, medium plus acidity, clean, crisp, refreshing with notes of raspberry, strawberry, golden honeydew, saline, with a nice mineral, savory finish

  • Food Pairing Recommendations: Shrimp sauteed in garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, olive oil, lemon juice topped with feta cheese on top of mixed greens of a pasta of choice

W. Donaldson Rose 2014
Get yours here: http://bit.ly/2n4G5o0

  • $18.99 angel pricing/$34.99 retail

  • 75% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay

  • 13% ABV

  • Sparkling wine made just like Champagne, but from California from Wayne Donaldson who used to be the head winemaker of Chandon

  • Aged on yeasts for 24 months to create crisp, graceful wine with poise and concentration

  • Grapes are from the coldest areas of Sonoma County

  • Appearance: Pink

  • Aroma: Summer berries, rose petals

  • Palate: Rich and elegant with notes of strawberry, raspberry, and cranberry

  • Food Pairing Recommendations: Smoked salmon

Stefano di Blasi IGT delle Venezie 2015
Get yours here: http://bit.ly/2nTkeyF

  • $9.99 angel pricing/$16.99 retail

  • 90% Garganega , 10 % Chardonnay

  • 12% ABV

  • Blended chardonnay for ripeness and garganega for minerality

  • The IGT delle Venezie appellation, otherwise known as Tre Venezie (three Venices) is located in Northeast Italy

  • Appearance: Pale, light straw

  • Aroma: Honeydew, white nectarine, fennel and honeysuckle

  • Palate: Marjoram, peach, saline

  • Food Pairing Recommendations: Anything with pesto

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