Why Every Stylish Girl Wears Mephisto

Hi lovelies,

Who walks in L.A.? This stylish chick! Coming from NYC and now living in Los Angeles, I still love walking from shop-to-shop and cafe-to-cafe.

Luckily for me, Mephisto just celebrated 50 years of creating iconic shoes! Get the insider scoop below!


“International footwear brand Mephisto – with a rich history spanning 50 years – hosted a VIP event last night, Thursday, October 11th to celebrate its cult-classic walking shoe, Mephisto Originals and to launch its 4-day Pop-up on Melrose Avenue.

The event was held in the pop-up, adjacent to iconic destination for sneakerheads and celebrities, Sportie LA, located at 7763 Melrose Ave and the adjoining parking lot, infamous for its influencer appeal due to its iconic murals.


The event, titled “#Mephistowalks” was designed to poke fun at the age-old presumption that Angelinos don’t walk. It brought together a slew of Influencers and industry VIP’s who were treated to a special gifting suite experience, which included an interactive room whereby a unique greenscreen treadmill feature had guests producing their own mini ‘walking films’ in their new Mephisto Originals shoes for social media.

Guests were treated to a live performance by singer-songwriter, Andrew Cole (Colorblind), accompanied by Black Eyed Peas’ guitarist, producer, George Pajon, and concert violinist, KOI whilst Muralist, Gustavo Zermeno created live a Mephisto Originals branded wall piece for the brand.”

Notable guests included: Christopher Reid (Kid from Hip-Hop duo, Kid N Play), George Pajon, Michael Evans Behling, Lyriq Bent, Rhuigi, Eric Ramirez, Jasmine White, Brandon Gray and Hugh Augustine. Specialty cocktails were provided by partners, ROK Drinks.

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