Kent Denim: New menswear and denim collection by Noah Landis

Hi lovelies,

Menswear and denim fashion designer, Noah Landis left the world of corporate fashion to pursue his life-long dream of designing his own line. We are happy to report that dream has come true in his new stunning collection, Kent Denim

Noah grew up in San Francisco and then moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion and design. After working in traditional corporate fashion, he was tried of mass-produced menswear on the market and wanted to create quality jeans on his own terms. He packed his bags and moved back to the West coast and then took a leap of fashion faith. 

He took an unconventional route and purchased an entire factory in Los Angeles, searched the world for premium denim, and is now able to bring his high-end casual menswear line, Kent Denim, to the masses without compromise. Each item of Kent Denim is hand with love and each pair of jeans takes 7 hours to create. 

Celebrities are already on-board with the new line including Adam Levine, John Legend, and Snoop Dogg.