How Life Unfolds with Paper & Packaging

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Hi lovelies,

As a writer, actor, and content creator, I wanted to share a few ways that I stay happy, motivated, inspired, and positive throughout my life and career. Using these simple lifestyle tips has helped me to stay creative and has improved my productivity. I’m able to truly take a step back from our hectic, digital lives, and enjoy how life unfolds.

One of my favorite and most satisfying ways to spend my time is by creating inspirational mood boards. I cut out images, words, and phrases from my favorite magazines and then I paste them on my paper poster boards and sit them around my apartment for inspiration whenever I need to feel creative and positive.

When I’m creating my mood boards, it’s my time to unplug and be truly present in what I’m doing without the usual distractions of the apps on my phone, notifications dings, or messages and videos popping up.

Plus, another perk of going old-school with a pen and a pad is that I don’t have to worry about carrying around my bulky computer or laptop, and I can easily keep my notebook and planner with me at all times so whenever I need an escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the social media world that we live in, I can jot down my thoughts.

Another way that I stay inspired and positive is by writing down my daily, weekly, and monthly goals and when I achieve them, I love the feeling of physically crossing it off of my list and then doing something to reward myself and celebrate.

I also love leaving myself motivational post-its around my apartment as daily reminders of my self-worth, capabilities, and as a confidence boost. What also brings me joy is handwriting thank-you notes as a way to share and express my gratitude with my friends and family.

Additionally, when I have auditions, one trick that I use to remember my lines is that I write them down with my pencil and pad of paper. It helps to bring the character to life when write down the words and then read them back to myself.

Let me know which of these tips help you to enjoy how life unfolds.

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