Guilty Pleasures: Just a few of my favorite things

Hi lovelies,

Today I wanted to quickly share with you guys a few of my favorite guilty pleasures. I'll leave Murder, She Wrote and cheese off of this list, because I tweet and post about them so much it's pretty obvious I'm obsessed with them both.


Photo credit: Joseph Francis at Delirium Candles

Photo credit: Joseph Francis at Delirium Candles

If you have ever been over to my place, then you know that I have a sweet spot for candles. Long candles, scented candles, tea candles, and floating candles, you name it, I've got them in my apartment.

There's nothing like the comfort of having a candle burning during the cool Fall and Winter months. My latest obsession is the Suede & Smoke candle from Delirium Candles.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Live-tweeting during FOX's Empire

Can I get a #TeamCookie? Taraji is a force every single episode and Lee Daniels is a genius. If the music, brilliant and shady 'reads,' Cookie's outfits, Marisa Tomei swimming in the girl pond, and the escalating sibling rivalry between the sons, weren't enough to get you to tune in every Wednesday night, the engaged and almost equally hilarious Twitter audience should.

I have so much fun connecting with the online community that watches Empire. We laugh together, make plot predictions, share in the delight of every twist and shady turn, and squeal over the inevitable celebrity cameos and special guests appearance throughout each and every episode. 

GUILTY PLEASURE: All things Bravo. Mazel Andy Cohen!

If they ever cast The Real Housewives of West Hollywood, I definitely would be queen bee, holding up my rainbow flag with a frozen strawberry margarita, hold the salt.

Not only do I watch and DVR all of the franchises and live-tweet during them when I can, I also love Blood, Sweat, and Heals, Watch What Happens Live, Married to Medicine, and all things Bravo. 

Andy Cohen is definitely my spirit animal and it's one of my secret life goals to be a guest in the WWHL Clubhouse. 

GUILTY PLEASURE: When I'm feeling sad, I turn to this...

Please excuse the profanity on the image, but this picture just tickles me to no end. Whenever I'm feeling sad or down, I turn to this photo and then I inexplicably burst into laughter. 

Sometimes I read it aloud and change my voice as if I were each character. I urge you to try it and let me know if you it brings you as much joy, laughter, and relief as it does to me. Just go ahead, just eff my stuff up.

Let me know - what are some of your guilty pleasures?