Get the scoop on WEtv's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Season 3

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As you all know one of my guilty pleasures is cuddling up on the couch and catching up on favorite reality TV shows.

Luckily for me, WEtv is bringing back one of their hit shows, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and I'm so excited to give you the insider scoop on the explosive new season, which premieres on Friday, May 29th, at 9/8pm central. Be sure to tune in and live tweet with WEtv and me using #MarriageBootCamp.

With the help of the 'tell it like it is' Boot Camp Directors, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, this season's reality stars will either make it or break it as a couple through tough love, fierce fights, emotional breakdowns, relationship-building tasks, and a whole lotta love.

This season's stars include, Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett (Kendra on Top), Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino & Lauren Pesce (Jersey Shore, The Sorrentinos), Aubrey O'Day & Travis Garland (Making the Band, Celebrity Apprentice), Tami Roman & Reggie Youngblood (Basketball Wives), and Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd (Big Brother).

Can't until Friday to see some of your favorite reality stars duke it out over saving their relationships? Then check out the scoop below!

Get the insider scoop on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (Season 3)

Some of reality TV's most notorious personalities are letting us into their lives once again, and this time, in the most intimate way ever, a rare and real look into their marriages and relationships. But what's even more exciting than seeing if their marriages and relationships can weather the storm, is how they will get along with the other feisty couples. Will they bond and work on their relationships together? Or will it be a bitter battle and brawl to the end?

The esteemed Boot Camp Directors, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, are up for the challenge to whip these relationships into shape during Season 3 with co-directors Ilsa Norman and David Bishop. Sneak peek into what to expect during the upcoming season: “This season, new exercises such as forcing the couples to pull the plug on their coma-stricken partner to feel what life would be like without them, partnered with Boot Camp staples such as the lie detector test and divorce court, will break these couples down in order to build them back up. However, in the end, they’ll need to answer the ultimate question: Is their union worth saving or are they better off apart?”

Be sure to tune in on Friday, May 29th, at 9/8pm central to find out and join us on Facebook using #MarriageBootCamp.

Meet The Couples

Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett
Life was perfect for Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett until a tabloid scandal tainted their happy household. They had a beautiful child with one more on the way, when Hank made a decision that will haunt him for the rest of his life. Now, Hank is trying everything in his power to get their lives back on track. Marital troubles can be hard on any couple but add the constant pressure of the tabloids and social media and that’s a recipe for disaster. Will Kendra be able to forgive Hank and move on with the rest of their lives?

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino & Lauren Pesce
Long before reality TV came into the picture, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Lauren Pesce were college sweethearts. The couple took a hiatus from their relationship and went their separate ways. Mike found fame in the blockbuster reality TV series Jersey Shore and the acquaintance of many, many women. Unfortunately, the dark side of stardom got the better of him as addiction reared its ugly head in the process. After getting clean and sober Mike and Lauren rekindled their relationship, however Lauren is struggling with the possibility he could relapse. Can a bad boy really change or will old ways and bad habits leave her to pick up the pieces?

Aubrey O’Day & Travis Garland
Rock stars work hard, play hard and for this rock couple, they FIGHT HARD. Aubrey O’Day and Travis Garland have suffered through every relationship issue from miscommunication to mistrust including allegations of infidelity. Working in the music industry has proven detrimental to the couple and breeds competition and jealousy between them. Their relationship has gotten so toxic she has moved out of the home they once shared. Aubrey believes that they are meant to be together, but they have NO idea how to be together. Boot camp is the last resort for this couple.

Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood
The basis of all good relationships is time together, but this on again off again couple has spent almost as much time apart as they have together. While apart, Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood both dated other people, but always gravitated back to each other. With a 17-year age difference, they are at different chapters in their lives. Tami has been married, divorced, and has raised two beautiful girls while Reggie is dreaming of the day when he can see her as his bride walk down the aisle and have a child with her. Can these two manage to get and stay on the same page or will that ultimately be their demise?

Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd
America watched Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd fall in love on TV and viewers couldn’t help but fall in love with them as well. They are the perfect couple… on the outside, but what’s really going on behind closed doors? Since the beginning, communication has always been an issue. They’ve also struggled through a long distance relationship until she picked up her life and moved across the country for him TWICE. Not only was Jordan taken outside of her comfort zone, but gave up her small town values for the big city lights. Are they living in bliss or in ignorance?

Jim and Elizabeth Carroll: Marriage Boot Camp DirectorsFor over 20 years, founders and creators of Marriage Boot Camp, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll have been working with couples across the country whose relationships are on the verge of falling apart. This season the husband and wife duo are back and ready to put these reality stars to the test. Jim and Elizabeth created some of the most jaw-dropping, over-the-top exercises and drills specifically designed to figure out what is crippling these couples’ relationships. Jim will use his no-holds-barred expertise to push these couples both mentally and physically while Elizabeth will bring a slightly softer touch using her unique insight into the human mind. Utilizing these approaches Jim and Elizabeth will help these high profile couples dig deep and get to the root of their issues.

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