For The Romantics: Katy Perry's Mad Love

Hi lovelies,

There's no sweeter and more romantic time of the year than the holidays. This means I'm on the hunt for the perfect gift for my loved ones that are just as sweet, romantic, fun, and flirty as they are. Luckily for me, there's the new fragrance, Mad Love, by Katy Perry, that sweetly satisfies this need. The House of Katy Perry has three unique sections: Purr, Killer Queen, and Mad Potion. My new go-to scent and gift, Mad Love, is a playful extension of the Mad Potion family.

I first fell in love the sweet and sexy scent a few weeks back when it first debuted on the fragrance and beauty scene and I have been hooked ever since. At first, the flirty fragrance has a fruity yet never overbearing scent consists of Lady Apple Sorbet, Mara Strawberry, and Pink Grapefruit. Then, you can enjoy the pleasing tones of Peony Petals, Sun-kissed Jasmine, and Bleeding Heart Flower. Lasting, the lovely scent leaves you wanting more with hints of Sandalwood, Skin Musk, and Coconut Wood.

The whimsical fragrance of Mad Love goes beyond just smelling fun and flirty, but also serves to strengthen and cleanse the Heart Chakra through the inclusion of the Bleeding Heart Flower in its formula. Just like the free-spirited, playful, and unique, Katy Perry herself, this is said to bring an open-hearted attitude, spirit of love, and soothing emotions into your body and soul.

Katy's beauty tip: “I never spritz on my skin. I always spritz and walk into it and I like to spray on my hair.”

What I also love about this irresistible scent is the glass design of the round potion bottle because it also doubles as a beautiful piece of décor. The creative color of the decorative bottle symbolizes being dipped in Cupid's signature color, light pink, and even features Cupid's arrow gracing the elegant neck of the bottle. Another element of the bottle that's admirable is the marbleized cap and the embossed heart-shaped seal that represents the vintage wax seals from historic love letters.

How to give and receive Mad Love this holiday season:

  • Sexy: Wear it for your boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Mischievous: Gift it to your little niece
  • Irresistible: Gift it to your best friend
  • Whimsical: Gift it to your my mother
  • Flirty: Gift it to your roomie
  • Fun: Gift it to your co-worker
  • Playful: Wear it for yourself

So if you're a helpless romantic like me and Katy, then grab a few bottles of Mad Love, here, for you and all of the romantics in your life.

Simply tweet this:
"I've entered the #KPMadLove giveaway by @candywashington! RT to enter! #katycats" 

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