Fitness secret weapons: Sunscreen, RAP Protein Gummies, music, and more

Hi lovelies,

Now that I'm an official CaliGirl, living a happy, healthy, and productive lifestyle has become one of my top priorities. After all, Los Angeles is the land of the beautiful people. I have four key fitness secret weapons that help me stay fit, toned, happy, and healthy while living the dream in the city of dreams. Read on to see how to get the most out of your workout while looking your best.

Lather up on the sunscreen

I love working out at the gym, but what I love even more is going for a run on the streets of LA or hiking on the trails of Runyon Canyon. I also lather up with sunscreen on my face and body. My favorite sunscreen is L'Oreal's Paris Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen Crystal Clear Mist Spray SPF 30, 4.2 oz.  

Key tip: Don't forget about your lips. I use Torn by Ronny Kobo for TAGS sunscreen lip balm in SPF 15 Passion Fruit and Aloe. I also sport a baseball cap for added protection from the sun and to protect my face. 

RAP Protein Gummies

My pre- and post-workout fitness secret weapon is RAP Protein Gummies. I take one 30 minutes before I workout and 30 minutes after I workout for best results. RAP Protein Gummies helps to prepare my body for intense workouts and repair and replenish my muscles once I'm done working out. They come in 3 yummy flavors: strawberry, orange citrus, and mixed berry.  

More info on the RAP Protein Gummies:

  • A convenient, refreshing alternative to protein bars and shakes, which are often heavy in fat, available in a limited flavor profile, and can be time consuming to make at home.
  • These new gummies are fat free, gluten free and come in three delicious fruit flavors: Strawberry, Mixed Berry and Citrus.
  • A single serving pouch delivers 25-35 poppable gummies and features Whey Protein Isolate, a fast-absorbing, high-quality protein.
  • With 20 grams of protein, each pouch offers the protein equivalent of eating three hard-boiled eggs, helping to keep adults feeling satisfied longer.

Workout soundtrack: Music is your fitness best friend

I love turning on one of my Spotify's workout mixes and just getting lost in the music while out for a run. My favorite types of music to workout to is pop, hip-hop, and top 100 hits. I like the keep the tempo high and fast to motivate me to go faster, higher, and longer.

Check out my Best Body Ever playlist here and my my Workout Forever mix here.  I also have another playlist that is a mix of relaxing music, for yoga, pilates, and meditating, with higher tempo beats at the end of the soundtrack, check it out here.

Don't forget to hydrate: H2O

I drink plenty of water before, during, and after my workouts. It's also a great way to get glowing and healthy-looking skin. Your body needs to stay hydrated to function at its optimal level and to prevent fatigue.