Fashionable philanthropy: Give back while updating your wardrobe

Hi lovelies,

Last week I had a super important meeting, one those "once in a lifetime" opportunities and luckily for me, I had my mom to remind me to just relax, be grateful, and just go in there and be myself and rock it!

So once I was grounded, did my research, and prepped for the meeting, like any savvy fashionista, I could focus on what was really important, finding the perfect outfit to wear to my meeting! Because when I'm confident on the inside, it shines through on the outside and I needed an outfit to match my inner confidence.

While popping from store-to-store, I noticed a sign at H&M that if you donated your used clothes for recycling then you could receive 15% off of your next purchase. Doing something great for the environment while saving money and revamping my wardrobe? Count me in.

Then I started to think what others ways could I save money, revamp my wardrobe, and give back? That's when I discovered Giving Assistant. Giving Assistant is a free digital loyalty program, with over 1,100 of the largest retailers worldwide with an average of 5% cash reward after each online purchase and lets me save money while giving back. My favorite brands to shop while giving back include Forever21, White House | Black Market, AliExpress, Gilt, Amazon, Sephora, and Macy's.

Here's how it works: Retailers pay Giving Assistant a commission for purchases starting on their website and for purchases originating on their members links, they pay them an entire commission as direct cash back. For non-member purchases, Giving Assistant keeps the commission, and makes a small donation to Feed America. Additionally, members are able to automatically donate any % of their cash back to any charity of their choice, so I can give back and be rewarded for digital loyalty.

Another way I love to save money while giving back is to have a fashion swap party with my friends. We get together and bring all of our old clothes and swap clothes with each other. That way, I get to update my wardrobe without spending a dime and I get to have a fun girls' night with my friends. The clothes that are left-over we donate to Good Will and Dress for Success. Giving back, getting new clothes, and hanging with my friends, sounds like an awesome Friday night to me!

Comment below and tweet @CandyWashington how you like to save money while updating your wardrobe or if you have any questions.

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*Although this is a sponsored post by Giving Assistant, all opinions are my own