Entrepreneur Spotlight: Scooter Braun

Hi lovelies,

For the next installment of my Spotlight Series, I wanted to shine a light on entrepreneur extraordinaire, Scooter Braun. In case you missed my last Spotlight on casting director Linda Lowy, you can check it out here. As a reminder, my Spotlight Series is a way to say thank you and show my appreciation to those in the entertainment industry that I respect and admire. See why Scooter shines below.

Why he shines:

After watching Scooter on Lewis Howes' The School of Greatness podcast, I kind of fell in love with his business ethic, marketing strategies, spirit of giving back, family first mentality, and drive. 

What fuels Scooter is making a mark on this world and that our true legacy is family and charity.

Did I mention that he discovered and fostered the unmatched careers of Justin Bieber and Asher Roth? 

Best tip: Never have just one mentor. Have people and friends that you draw from and don't forget to give back and be appreciative. Also, cab drivers can give you the best pieces of advice and wisdom - don't forget to treat the janitor the same way you would the CEO. 

He's also expecting his first with his wife this February, so congrats to the father-to-be.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet walks a great journey." 

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