Don't waste your pretty: 3 Reasons Why I Kind of Suck at Dating

Hi lovelies,

Yes, I totally stole the beginning title of this post from Bravo's Blood, Sweat, and Heels Demetria Lucasbook, Don't Waste Your Pretty, and I'm appropriately listening to Taylor Swift's 1989 album on repeat while writing this blog for you guys.

But what I'm not doing is eating a pint of Häagen-Dazs curled up on the couch with Kleenex while watching The Notebook on Netflix. But rather, I've decided to fully embrace the fact that I kind of suck at dating. With my new found freedom, I am literally having the time of my drama-free life being single. 

From this empowering perspective and based on my past romantic endeavors, I've deduced the top three reasons why I kind of suck at dating, check them out below.

3 Reasons Why I Kind of Suck at Dating

Reason #1: "I'm not in a place for a serious relationship." Business trumps boys. 

As cliche as this may sound and like a line out of "He's Just Not That Into You," I'm really not in a place for a serious relationship, unless the guy was absolutely exceptional. I'm hyper-focused on my career and given my freelancer lifestyle, I take work when and where I can get it. Given that my schedule is never consistent it's hard to make plans in advance and even when they are, they are never set in stone because from a priority standpoint, business trumps boys.

Reason #2: "I'm still not over my ex." But not in the way that you think...

It's definitely debatable, can you truly stay friends with an ex? After a drama-filled break-up, cue crying, un-friending, re-friending, residual hook-ups, and enforcing a strict 'no contact' rule, I reconnected with an ex from my past and we picked up exactly where we left off - except without all of the drama.

We are truly soul mates. He's my best friend, I trust him 100%, he fully supports me, and I feel comfortable enough to be my true, authentic self with him. And almost knowing me better than I know myself, he gives me amazing advice on dating, career, and life. 

But here's the rub. 

Since he's already meeting all of my emotional needs, the urgency to find a guy to fill that spot wanes and makes me less likely to jump into a serious relationship with a new guy since I already have such a cozy security blanket with him. Plus, what guy wants to compete with a best friend that just so happens to be your ex? 

Reason #3: "Bad, bad, bad, bad boy. You make me feel so good." I'm still a sucker for a Jordan Catalano.

Emotionally unavailable + devastatingly handsome with a boyish charm + quasi-interested = Totally a 'Candy Guy' 

Although I'm much wiser when it comes to who and how I date these days, the heart of my inner Angela Chase from My So-Called Life still beats inside of me and skips a beat when confronted with a Jordan Catalano-type. And trust me, from NYC to LA there is no shortage of guys suffering from Peter Pan syndrome. Luckily for me I'm not ready to be tied down just yet and I'm loving flying from adventure-to-adventure with my Lost Boys.